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Por lo que he visto a botepronto hay que poner un shortcode donde quieras que aparezca:

[quote]Add the mooflow shortcode manually or with the mooflow shortcode matabox bellow the post/text entry field.
use one of the following manners to add images to the mooflow post.
attach images via the WordPress upload images popover screen. -Publish
add id="12, 23, 34" to the shortcode, (where 12, 23, 34 are post numbers with attached images) -Publish
add id="12" to the shortcode, (where 12 is a post number with attached images) -Publish
add id="random" and numPosts="10" to the shortcode, (where random will sellect 10 random attached images from the WordPress system. ) -Publish
add valid image tags after the mooflow shortcode then close with shortcode close tag: [mooflow][/mooflow][/quote]

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