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Una vez más Medievalia, muchas gracias por sus consejos.
Solo con el fin de poder ayudar a algun forero que se le presnte la misma problematica, comento los sucedido.
Finalmente me pude ingresar al foro del soporte tecnico. Allí encontré un post que presentaba el mismo problema. Copio el «dialogo» entre el creador del theme y su cliente. Puede parecer largo, pero no lo es tanto.
Saludos y los mantengo al tanto de la resolución del problema.

good day to you
i almost finish my site and you can go and look in
the site is in hebrew.
i want to say thanks and tell you all that Pavel is a great guy and helped me a lot and i’m thankful for that
i have some problems in the site like you can see and i will be happy if someone can help me solve this problems:

1. the 4 windows in the upper screen

like you can see i don’t have there the photo itself and i don’t understand why because i see the photo in the post itself.

2. the sliding panel in the left

again you can see the problem i don’t have again the photo and now i also have some problem in the font – i see some question mark but it’s only in one letter

3. text box

i add some text box for adding the editor name and all the guys that taking part in this project and i want to be able to make the font bigger and bold but i don’t have this option so i used some textedit and tried to copy it but it’s stays the same font – is there a way to change the font and size in the text box?

4. banner adds

i’m using a click-on service for the banner and i see i only have 2 options to add only 2 banners. i want to know if there’s a way to add mote because i have a lot of space in the left bottom side and i want to add some more banners and also google ad-sense

Mon Nov 02, 2009 11:23 pm

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Re: my site is on the air – some problems
1. The images from the articles should be hosted on your website, and uploaded from articles uploader.

2. The same as #1. Regarding the font – seems that this is because you copied that text from another website, try to re-write it manually (btw, this doesn’t have any conjunction with our theme)

3. In the text box you can use any html tags you want, so you can style the text as you want, including it in text for bold text, or in <font size=»14px»>text for bigger size. More html tags can be found here –

4. You can insert as many codes for ads in that box as you want, just separate them with a
line and that’s all, or ad them through Text Widgets to Sidebar.


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